Characters of the Bible (5of6)

Lesson 5: Minor Prophets: Lessons for Today

Introduction: This lesson explores the twelve Minor Prophets, emphasizing their messages of justice, repentance, and restoration.

Relevant Information:

  • Diverse Voices: Each Minor Prophet brought a unique message, from Hosea’s portrayal of God’s love to Jonah’s reluctant prophecy against Nineveh.
  • Themes of Justice: Many, like Amos and Micah, spoke out against social injustices and called for ethical behavior.
  • Hope and Restoration: Despite their warnings, many of these prophets also offered hope for future restoration.


  • Hosea’s marriage to Gomer as a symbol of God’s relationship with Israel (Hosea 1-3).
  • Jonah’s journey to Nineveh and his struggle with God’s mercy (Book of Jonah).
  • Micah’s call for justice and mercy (Micah 6:8).

Discussion Points with Possible Answers:

  • What common themes do the Minor Prophets address?
    • Issues of social justice, calls for repentance, and promises of future restoration.
  • How can the messages of these prophets be applied today?
    • Their emphasis on justice, righteousness, and genuine worship is ever-relevant in contemporary society.

Related References for Study:

  • The Twelve Minor Prophets: Primary biblical texts.
  • “The Message of the Twelve: Hearing the Voice of the Minor Prophets” by Richard Alan Fuhr Jr. and Gary E. Yates: Detailed analysis of each prophet.
  • Amos 5 and Micah 6: Illustrative chapters of their key messages.
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