Shabbat Lessons (2024)

Curriculum Index

Foundations of Faith (4 Lessons)

  1. Introduction to Hebrew Roots Movement
  2. Significance of the Torah
  3. Role of Yeshua in Faith
  4. Understanding Scripture through Hebrew

Biblical Feasts and Holy Days (8 Lessons)

  1. Overview of Biblical Feasts
  2. Passover: History and Celebration
  3. Shavuot: Significance and Observance
  4. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
  5. Sukkot: Understanding the Feast of Tabernacles
  6. Lesser-Known Feasts and Their Meanings
  7. Modern Observance and Traditions
  8. Integrating Feasts into Modern Life

Characters of the Bible (6 Lessons)

  1. Abraham: Faith and Covenant
  2. Moses: Leadership and Law
  3. David: Worship and Kingship
  4. Major Prophets: Messages and Meanings
  5. Minor Prophets: Lessons for Today
  6. Women of the Bible: Their Roles and Teachings

The Psalms and Proverbs (4 Lessons)

  1. Exploring the Psalms: Worship and Wisdom
  2. Learning from Proverbs: Practical Living
  3. Personal Reflection and Prayer in Psalms
  4. Applying Proverbs in Daily Life

Understanding Prophecies (4 Lessons)

  1. Major Prophets and Their Messages
  2. Minor Prophets: Contemporary Relevance
  3. Prophecies about the Messiah
  4. Fulfillment of Prophecies in Yeshua

The Gospels (5 Lessons)

  1. Life and Teachings of Yeshua
  2. Parables of Yeshua: Lessons and Interpretations
  3. Miracles of Yeshua: Their Significance
  4. The Beatitudes: Living Yeshua’s Teachings
  5. Yeshua’s Death and Resurrection

Acts and the Early Church (3 Lessons)

  1. The Formation of the Early Church
  2. Role of Apostles in Spreading the Gospel
  3. Challenges and Triumphs of Early Believers

Letters of the Apostles (4 Lessons)

  1. Teachings of Paul: Grace and Law
  2. Peter’s Messages: Faith and Perseverance
  3. James and John: Living a Godly Life
  4. Universal Themes in the Apostolic Letters

Revelation and End Times (3 Lessons)

  1. Understanding the Book of Revelation
  2. Symbolism and Prophecy in Revelation
  3. End Times: Hope and Preparation

Comparative Study (3 Lessons)

  1. Different Interpretations of Key Scriptures
  2. Hebrew Roots vs. Traditional Christianity
  3. Bridging Understandings: Respectful Dialogues

Hebrew Language and Culture (3 Lessons)

  1. Basic Hebrew for Biblical Understanding
  2. Significant Cultural Practices
  3. Modern Hebrew: Language and Culture

Modern Israel (2 Lessons)

  1. Historical and Biblical Significance
  2. Israel Today: Challenges and Opportunities

Faith in Action (4 Lessons)

  1. Applying Faith in Daily Life
  2. Charity and Community Service
  3. Living a Life of Faith
  4. Reflections and Personal Growth

Reflect and Review (2 Lessons)

  1. Reviewing Key Lessons of the Year
  2. Open Forum: Questions and Discussion
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