Chapter 12: The Wisdom of Solomon

Once upon a time, there was a great king named Solomon. Yehovah had blessed him with incredible wisdom, more than anyone else in the world. People came from far and wide to listen to his wise words and seek his advice.

One day, two women came before King Solomon with a big problem. They were both mothers, and they lived together. They each had a baby, but during the night, one of the babies accidentally died. Both women claimed that the living baby was theirs.

King Solomon listened carefully to their stories, and he wanted to find out who the real mother was. He thought of a clever plan. He said, “Bring me a sword. We shall divide the living baby into two halves, and each of you will receive one half.”

One woman cried out, “No! Please don’t hurt the baby. Let her have him, but please don’t harm him!”

But the other woman agreed to divide the baby. She didn’t care if the baby got hurt because she wasn’t his real mother.

King Solomon knew that the woman who pleaded for the baby’s life must be the real mother. He said, “Give the living baby to her. She is the true mother because she would rather let the baby live than have him divided.”

The people marveled at King Solomon’s wisdom and knew that Yehovah had given him a special gift. They praised him for his fairness and justice.

King Solomon’s wisdom wasn’t just about solving problems. He was also a poet and a songwriter. He wrote many beautiful songs called Psalms, which people still sing and read today. He also wrote many wise sayings, called proverbs, that give advice for living a good and righteous life.

King Solomon was not only wise but also very rich and powerful. His kingdom was known for its splendor and wealth. He built a magnificent temple for Yehovah in Jerusalem, a place where people could come to worship and offer sacrifices.

Kings and queens from all over the world would visit King Solomon to see his wisdom and to bring him gifts. They were amazed by the grandeur of his palace and the riches of his kingdom. King Solomon was truly a king of kings.

But even with all his wisdom and riches, King Solomon made some mistakes. He married many foreign wives who worshiped other gods, and they turned his heart away from Yehovah. This made Yehovah very sad.

Despite his mistakes, Yehovah still loved Solomon and remembered the promise He had made to Solomon’s father, David. Yehovah kept His promise and allowed Solomon to reign as king with wisdom and prosperity.

The story of King Solomon teaches us the value of wisdom and the importance of making wise choices. It reminds us to seek Yehovah’s guidance and to follow His ways. By seeking wisdom, we can make good decisions and live a life that pleases Yehovah.

So let us remember the wisdom of King Solomon and strive to be wise in our thoughts and actions, always seeking Yehovah’s guidance and following His path of righteousness.

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