Chapter 19: Yeshua’s Death, Resurrection, and Ascension

The Crucifixion

Yeshua’s ultimate mission was to offer Himself as a sacrificial Lamb for the sins of humanity. He willingly endured the agony of crucifixion, bearing the weight of the world’s sin and experiencing the separation from Yehovah. His death on the cross brought forgiveness, reconciliation, and salvation to all who would believe in Him.

The Resurrection

On the third day after His crucifixion, Yeshua triumphed over death. He rose from the grave, defeating sin and offering the hope of eternal life. Yeshua appeared to His disciples, providing them with undeniable proof of His resurrection. His victory over death validated His claims of being the Messiah and the Son of Yehovah.

The Ascension

Forty days after His resurrection, Yeshua ascended into heaven, returning to the Father’s presence. Before His departure, He commissioned His disciples to continue His ministry, proclaiming the Gospel to all nations and baptizing new believers. Yeshua promised to send the Holy Spirit to empower them for this task.

The ministry of Yeshua, from His teachings and miracles to His death, resurrection, and ascension, stands as the cornerstone of the Christian faith. His life and work provide the foundation for salvation and the hope of eternal life in Yehovah’s kingdom.

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