Characters of the Bible (1of6)

Lesson 1: Abraham: Faith and Covenant

Introduction: Abraham, often called the father of faith, is a seminal figure in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. His story is a profound journey of faith, obedience, and the forging of a covenant with God that would shape the destiny of many nations.

Relevant Information:

  • Origins: Abraham, originally Abram, lived in Ur, a city in Mesopotamia. God called him to leave his home and family for a land He would show him (Genesis 12).
  • Covenant: God promised Abraham land, numerous descendants, and blessings. This covenant was both a promise and a test of faith.
  • Test of Faith: The pinnacle of Abraham’s faith journey is the binding of Isaac (Genesis 22), a moment that exemplifies profound trust and obedience.

Story: Abraham’s journey, marked by his departure from Ur, his time in Canaan, the birth of Isaac, and the near-sacrifice of Isaac, illustrates a life committed to following God’s call.

Discussion Points with Possible Answers:

  • Why is Abraham considered a model of faith?
    • Despite uncertainties and challenges, he consistently chose to trust and obey God.
  • What are the key elements of God’s covenant with Abraham?
    • Promises of land, descendants (symbolized in the stars), and a blessing to all nations through him.

Related References for Study:

  • Genesis 12-25: The narrative of Abraham’s life.
  • Romans 4: Paul’s interpretation of Abraham’s faith.
  • “Abraham: A Journey to the Heart of Three Faiths” by Bruce Feiler: Explores Abraham’s impact across multiple faiths.
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