Page 27: Month 6: Fluency and Proficiency

Month 6 is designed to refine the students’ Hebrew skills, achieving a higher level of fluency and proficiency. The final month of the course will focus on:

A. Advanced Conversational Practice

  • Debates and discussions
  • Presentations and storytelling

B. Writing Skills

  • Essays and reports
  • Personal and formal correspondence

C. Test Preparation and Evaluation

  • Review of grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension
  • Practice tests and feedback

D. Final Review and Assessment

E. Next Steps and Continuing Education

Page 28: Advanced Conversational Practice

In this section, students will further their conversational skills by engaging in debates, discussions, presentations, and storytelling. Activities may include:

A. Debates and Discussions

Students choose a topic of interest, research it, and hold a debate or discussion in Hebrew. This helps them to express their opinions and arguments effectively in Hebrew.

B. Presentations and Storytelling

Students prepare and deliver presentations in Hebrew on a chosen topic or tell a story in Hebrew. This helps them to use descriptive language and complex sentences.

Page 29: Writing Skills

In this section, students will hone their writing skills by writing essays, reports, and both personal and formal correspondence. Activities may include:

A. Essays and Reports

Students write essays or reports in Hebrew on a given topic, using appropriate vocabulary and grammar structures.

B. Personal and Formal Correspondence

Students write personal letters, emails, or formal correspondence in Hebrew, focusing on appropriate language and tone.

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