“From Seasonal Sparkle to Scriptural Substance: My Personal Transition Beyond LDS Christmas”

By admin

As I sit amidst the festive glow that envelops Utah during Christmas, my heart and mind engage in a profound introspection. I, Dave, have journeyed far from my 50-year tenure as an active member of the LDS Church, where Christmas was a time of communal celebration, symbolized by ward parties, temples adorned with twinkling lights, and homes beautifully decked out with nativity scenes alongside Santa and his reindeer.

This shift in my spiritual journey wasn’t just a change of denomination but a deep transformation of faith. Having embraced the Hebrew Roots movement, the way I perceive holidays like Christmas has fundamentally altered. The journey from LDS to Hebrew Roots for me was not merely leaving one church to join another; it was about moving from the ‘milk’ of the gospel, as we often say in Christianity, to seeking its ‘meat’ – the deeper, more substantial truths of the scriptures.

The Hebrew Roots movement drew me in with its focus on the original Jewish context of the Bible, prompting a reevaluation of many traditional Christian holidays, especially Christmas. The realization of how intertwined these celebrations are with pagan customs starkly contrasted with the teachings I now found resonant.

Despite this, I watch as my grandchildren, along with many others, joyfully engage in Christmas traditions. Their delight in the festive spirit reminds me of the diverse paths we all tread in our spiritual journeys. My path led me away from these traditional celebrations, not out of contempt, but in pursuit of a faith practice more aligned with scriptural teachings.

This season, while I may not participate in the Christmas festivities, I find profound peace and fulfillment in the practices of my faith. Embracing the biblical feasts has opened a new dimension in my spiritual life, connecting me to the traditions that Yeshua himself observed.

To those who have left the LDS Church and are navigating their own spiritual paths, I understand the complexities and the sense of being adrift. My migration to the Hebrew Roots movement was a quest for authenticity, a deep desire for a scriptural foundation that resonated with my soul. It’s a journey of rediscovery, one that has brought me closer to the roots of our shared faith.

During this season, regardless of how you choose to observe or celebrate, I invite you to reflect on your spiritual journey. Whether it’s through the lights of a Christmas tree, the candles of a menorah, or the pages of scripture, may this time deepen your understanding and bring you closer to the truths you seek. My transition from LDS Christmas celebrations to the Hebrew Roots has been a journey of evolving faith, one rich in discovery and personal growth.

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